Shows and Exhibitions

Tracing back to the graduation shows, what amazing nights to celebrate the culmination to three years of hard work. I was lucky enough to win two awards at Industry Evening, 1st Prize for the RBSA Award for Innovation and Creativity and then the Bilston Craft Gallery Award for Technical Excellence. This means that I will have the opportunity to show my pieces at these two galleries.

Being just around the corner, I often visit the RBSA Gallery whenever they have new shows on and my most recent trip to Bilston was to listen to the insightful talk by the beautiful Mah Rana. I would never have guessed that one day, it would be my jewellery being placed in the glass cabinets.

Before going to Mah Rana's talk at Bilston, I had already established myself as a narrative artist but it was further cemented after listening to her speak. It was an intimate conversation, we were all seated closely together and the dialogue flowed between the interviewer, Mah Rana and the audience as a casual discussion. Sitting amongst my lecturers, gallery staff and established artists, I felt the creative vibe from the group, all brought together for sentimentality and jewellery.

Jewellery holds the sentiments of our attitudes towards life. The raw emotions of the maker, the expressions of the purchaser and the touch of the wearer, this is what has caught me into the contemporary jewellery world. It's not just the creating but also the stories.

To my surprise however, I wasn't asked that much about the engraved words on my pieces at the New Designers exhibition in London. The collectors were enamoured with the textures that I had formed and to them, it was already enough. Possibly, the bond is stronger between the story sharer and myself. It was a tiring week in London but it was all worth it for the gallery invites I received. Trying to identify who was a student, designer, collector or gallery owner was impossible for my first time but one recognisable face was Mah Rana. She was still as calm and peaceful as ever, as she took a wander through our stall.