Story: Freedom of Not Belonging

I feel different from my family. They don't see me for who I am. I feel like if I show them who I really am then they will mock me. Personality wise, I don't seem to relate to them. I'm close with my mom but not in a typical mother- daughter way. She's very supportive and will do something for me to make me happy.

I feel safest around people I don't know. They can't hurt you because you're not connected to them. I'm scared of getting hurt, of showing my true self to people. That's why I'm very cautious about new people. I think it's just the level of trust you build with people. I'm very self-conscious of how others see me. Essentially, I don't have a 'sense of belonging.' I'm not even trying to find myself. I feel life is very restricted or set. People just do things because they have to. Essentially, I don't want to belong anywhere. I want to have the freedom of not belonging.