‘Searching in the City'

April 30, 2015

The photoshoot that is titled 'Searching in the City' took place in areas around Birmingham. Focusing on urban and transitional spaces to represent the diverse 'sense of belonging' that each individual has. The 'look' that we went for is a natural gaze into the blurred surroundings. As a story sharer once said, "I feel a sense of belonging when I'm by myself. When I'm travelling somewhere, more to places that I don't know people. I think that's where you can identify yourself as an individual because you're not pretending to be someone else." Without the need to conform to others as you would with your family and friends, she believed that this is where she is most comfortable. This was the basis for the inspiration behind the photoshoot.



Photographer: James Ho
Model: Richa Vyas

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